Following is the list of workshops, which will be organized as a part of Mercon 2021.

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Advanced Instrumental Techniques and Future of Advanced Materials

This workshop focuses on advance instrumental techniques and future advance materials. Advanced instrumental techniques, namely; scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) based instrumental techniques are widely used in experimental research in various streams of science and engineering. The knowledge on the advanced instrumental techniques is crucial for experimental research, failure analysis, and quality assurance. Future advance materials open an avenue for design and development of new devices. The scope of this workshop is firstly to acquaint participants with a fundamental understanding of the theoretical basis as well as the practical applications of these instrumental techniques along with lectures and demonstrations on the techniques. Secondly to rise awareness on future advance materials for cutting-edge research and new developments along with lectures, research guidance, international collaboration, fundraising, and project investigations.

Resource Persons: Dr. Galhenage A. Sewvandi, Prof. Vasdevan P. Biju, Prof. Dengwei Hu

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A Hands-on Introduction for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Promoting Multidisciplinary Research

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has now become a common tool for modelling heat and fluid flow applications in many engineering disciplines. Obtaining accurate results through proper use of CFD requires a solid understanding of underling modelling principles with technical know-how gained through experience. The proposed workshop aims to disseminate the required basic theoretical understanding and technical know-how among researches of various disciplines. The workshop is designed to be largely with hands on sessions solving several real-life engineering problems.

Resource Persons: Dr. R.A.C.P. Ranasinghe, Dr. N.A.I.D. Nissanka

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Digital Technology Deployment in Apparel Product Development

Digital technology is demanded in various business models, that is from mass production to mass personalization. With the rapid development and adoption of digital technologies, clothing manufacturers tend to provide digital customization of clothing (Yan & Chiou, 2020). Therefore, this workshop aims to demonstrate how modern technologies can be utilized in future apparel development process centering on the human body in the process.

Resource Persons: Dr. R.K. Jayamali De Silva, Dr. Simeon Gill, Dr. Kristina Brubacher, Dr. Ranga Prasad Abeysooriya

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Work-Study for Productivity Improvement in Manufacturing Organizations

Most manufacturing organisations have line balancing issue, manning issues and man-machine interaction issues. All these are directly causing lower productivity of the organisation. Work-study (method and time studies) scientifically analyses and helps to resolve the above issues.

Resource Persons: Dr. Himan Punchihewa, Dr. J.R. Gamage, Industrial Engineering Academic Group (IEAG)

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Biomedical Product Development - A Sri-Lankan Perspective

This workshop focuses on creating awareness on the multidisciplinary nature of combining engineering, medicine and commerce, and the essential stepwise process that needs to be followed for successful biomedical device development within Sri Lanka. This will be illustrated using Sri Lankan success stories, by the speakers, who are part of the growing CeBI community of practitioners. The workshop also highlights the challenges faced within Sri Lanka in the current context, and discusses some strategies to overcome them.

Resource Persons: Dr. Pujitha Silva, Prof. Saroj Jayasinghe, Dr. Travis Perera, Dr. Angelo Karunaratne, Dr. Nuwan Dayananda, Mr. Ajith Indikadulla

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Affordable Motion Capturing for Gait Analysis, Clinical Rehabilitation and Sports

This workshop focuses on sharing the need, and the value and development that can be achieved in the areas of clinical rehabilitation and sports through more affordable solutions of motion capturing, gait analysis and foot pressure measurement by sharing the real life experiences of the clinical, sports and engineering members engaged in this effort. Their stories while engaging in R&D, commercialization and clinical applications in this field will be shared with practical demonstrations of the commercially available motion capturing systems for the audience to gain a first hand experience and be able to apply the learnings for the benefit of future work.

Resource Persons: Dr. Pujitha Silva, Mr. Gopi Kitnasamy, Ms. Cinthuja Pathmanathan, Mr. Sanjaya Malikarachchi, Mr. Kithmin Wickramasinghe, Ms. Chathurani Dias, Ms. Jinani Sooriyaarachchi

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Solar Energy and its Applications

This workshop aims to provide the relevant knowledge on the solar resource and its potential estimation, solar PV and thermal technologies, system configurations and sizing, efficiency enhancement, economic and environmental impact assessment of solar systems, and future directions. The content will be useful to researchers, industry practitioners, and other stakeholders interested in clean energy technologies.

Resource Persons: Dr. Saliya Jayasekara, Dr. Hirushie Karunathilake, Mr. Rachitha Muthukumarana

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Using Life Cycle Thinking for Industrial Decision Making

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an understanding of the concept of life cycle thinking, state-of-the-art tools and techniques for life cycle environmental and economic assessments, and the practical application of this concept in industrial settings for holistic performance improvement. This is with a view to promote the use of life cycle thinking among relevant stakeholders including industry practitioners, government bodies in charge of policy and regulations development, and researchers focusing on directions such as sustainable manufacturing, clean energy, and circular economy.

Resource Persons: Dr. J.R. Gamage, Dr. Hirushie Karunathilake, Dr. Himan Punchihewa

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